Momentum to Unionize Grows

Tricia Brown
/February 09, 2023

The power of collective bargaining is invaluable to all workers. You have experienced firsthand what the power of a union does to benefit workers. Unifor currently represents more than 17,000 auto parts workers in more than 100 factories in Ontario and Quebec.

Momentum to unionize continues to grow across Canada’s auto parts sector, after 600 workers at TRQSS Inc., a seatbelt manufacturer in Windsor, Ontario, voted to join Unifor. Workers are standing up for themselves and saying loudly and clearly that they’re better off with the protection union membership provides.

By joining Unifor, auto parts workers at TRQSS have taken an important step towards their objective of having the coverage, and security, of a first collective agreement. The union drive at TRQSS was certified by the Ontario Labour Relations Board on January 11, 2023.

TRQSS supplies seatbelts to automakers such as Toyota in Canada and is a key factory, alongside four sister plants in North America, that comprise the TRAM auto parts firm, a subsidiary of Japanese-based Tokai Rika Group. Auto parts workers are highly skilled and understand their vital role in our domestic supply chain, particularly as the industry transitions to electric vehicle manufacturing. This transition brings new opportunities. Unifor is poised for the future with a new vision for Canada’s auto sector that includes everyone and clearly, our message is resonating.

Unifor’s recently released industrial policy strategy, entitled “Navigating the Road Ahead” envisions a stronger, more sustainable auto sector powered by good, union jobs throughout Canada. One of its five core pillars focuses on implementing concrete measures to strengthen workers’ rights to unionize and bargain fair collective agreements with employers.

While support continues to grow at Kirchhoff, there are still people we have not had the opportunity to talk to about joining Unifor. As a supporter, we ask that you encourage your coworkers to sign a membership card. You can do so by sharing this email with the link to sign a card below, or by sharing the contact information of your Unifor organizers.