More, when you join a Union

Tricia Brown
/February 09, 2023

Congratulations! This is what workers can achieve when they come together to join a union.

This past week workers at Kirchhoff saw a 4.5% raise, top up, and massage benefits returned. Now that you have made some gains, we need to continue to build and address the outstanding issues in the workplace.

We all know wages are important and unionized workers are paid more than their non-union counterparts with regular, dependable wage increases. Given the times we are in and the increased cost of basic necessities, a $0.93 raise is not in keeping with workers expenses.

Kirchhoff’s corporate interests are very different from the workers who work on the shop floor. Workers worry about the cost of fuel, rising inflation, increased housing costs and if they will be able to assist their children with rising post secondary costs. Corporations, like Kirchhoff, are constantly in pursuit of bigger and bigger mega profits, speeding up the line for leaner and faster production, and rewarding top level management and shareholders.

Kirchhoff needs you more! There is a labour shortage in Canada as a result of its aging workforce. This “grey wave” has been onward for some time and now is crashing in as many businesses are complaining of a labour shortage. There is over a million vacant jobs in Canada, and businesses like Kirchhoff are trying to find solutions to deal with this grey wave, but there will not be enough workers to go around. This is why they need you to keep them a profitable company.

By joining Unifor, you are not going against your employer; it is a way for workers to negotiate the terms of a legally enforceable agreement respectfully. This brings a significant amount of power to workers as you will have a legal process to grieve management if they do not follow the rules.


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