Auto jobs are good jobs

All workers have the right to join a union and to have a voice in their workplace.  The best way to secure your future and make Kirchhoff a better and fairer place to work is to sign a union card today.  You can do so confidentially online here: If you have signed your card already, please share this email with a co worker.

Auto sector jobs are largely good jobs. Auto assembly workers in Canada, earn wages approximately 30 per cent above the national average for all workers.  These above-average wages as well as access to additional group insurance, pensions, income maintenance programs and other benefits, are a result of collective bargaining advanced over decades by Unifor. These “union benefits” are so well established in the auto industry that all automakers, including Toyota and Honda, neither of which are yet certified as a union shop, provide comparable benefits. Non-union benefits, of course, come without the added value of union representation for workers. The positive effects of unionization have positioned the auto sector as a driver of good middle-income jobs generating significant spillover economic benefits for families, neighborhoods and communities.

You have experienced firsthand what the power of a union does to benefit workers. We have heard how frustrated many of you feel about working at Kirchhoff Automotive, to the point that temporary workers last a day or two and new hires quit and wish you all the best in attaining a union. Before you do that please consider how close you are with Unifor to making your workplace a different environment. One where you are respected and have a say in every aspect of your work life including wages, workload and health & safety.

Working together, we know we can get to a vote soon.

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