Unifor the Union for CONMED

Get the representation you deserve!

Workers at CONMED are concerned about the representation they are receiving from CLAC. This isn’t a surprise to Unifor. With the current health care crisis in Ontario, frontline workers are working short on a regular basis and being pushed to do more for less. The importance of your Union standing up to employers who continually ignore the voices of workers at this critical time is paramount. CLAC has failed to represent their members time and time again.

The Unifor advantage is clear

Unifor has 315,000 members across the country with 30,000 in healthcare alone, and our membership continues to grow every day. Healthcare has always been a priority at Unifor. We are the only union that takes on the fights needed to ensure good jobs in the sector.

Unifor has been the most vocal voice for healthcare workers, in particular during this pandemic. We believe and take very seriously job security, maximum benefits (including retirees), guarantee wage progression, pension plans and so much more.

Collective bargaining is the backbone and strength of Unifor.  

Not only does Unifor make bargaining strong collective agreements a priority, we know the importance of fighting for workers on issues that continue to plague the industry by meeting with governments and pressuring health care employers. As leaders in the health care sector, we have fought for and won:

  • Pandemic pay for health care workers
  • 4 hours of minimum standard of care
  • Guaranteed access to personal protective equipment for health care workers
  • Dedicated funding from the provincial government to attract more health care workers in long-term care and retirement homes.

Every day more and more workers sign a card with Unifor and we believe that an application is right around the corner, If you have signed with Steelworkers you can still sign with Unifor. We have made signing a card easier than ever, use the QR code or follow the link below.  We look forward to CONMED workers joining Unifor for a stronger voice.

For more information or to talk to an Organizer, contact:

Gloria Hendricks, 289-219-2094, [email protected]

Samia Hashi, 416-540-3212, [email protected]