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UNIFOR: The Union for manufacturing workers

Congratulations for taking the first steps to fairness in the workplace by signing a Unifor card.

Unions give workers a voice and a real way to make improvements to their working conditions. I have spoken with many of you during the campaign at Cottam Diecasting and the campaign has gained enormous support over the weeks. We’re excited that workers will soon have their voices heard as they move together united in their efforts to have representation from Unifor.

Why Unifor

Unifor is the biggest private sector union in Canada; we represent 315,000 workers right across the country in every sector of the economy including close to 90,000 Unifor members working in the manufacturing sector, representing about one-third of the union’s membership. Having that level of representation across the sector gives us tremendous bargaining strength and unparalleled insight into the sector as a whole.

We believe that having strong collective agreements will help raise the standards for workers in workplaces like Cottam Diecasting LTD and our goal is to make sure that workers are compensated and respected for the critical work that they do every day.

With a Union, workers gain the right to collectively negotiate a legally binding collective agreement that builds improvements to their working conditions, such as scheduling, wages, benefits, language to eliminate favouritism, job posting, hours of work and most importantly, a grievance procedure giving you the LEGAL RIGHT to challenge unfair or unjust company policies.


Your rights

You have the right to form a union free of intimidation or undue influence. We know that recently Cottam Diecast management has taken extreme efforts to try to convince workers they do not need a union. This is all in an effort to avoid your workplace from being unionized where you will have a meaningful say in your working conditions. 

Part of Unifor’s strength lies in its team of expert staff across the country that provide services and support to Locals and their members. To service all the diverse needs of Unifor members, the union employs professional staff all across the country.


Unifor is a worker run union

Every Unifor member has an equal right to say what they think the union ought to be doing, to debate issues, to elect representatives, to run in an election, and to vote on key decisions. Not only do you have the support of the national office but you also have your local union to assist you.

As a Unifor member, you vote for:

Your steward/committeeperson: they are the union’s front –line and you can go to them with questions and issues. We provide them with all the training and support needed.

Your bargaining committee: they represent you in negotiations with management on wages and working conditions.

Your elected local officers: President, Financial secretary, recording Secretary, Unit chairperson- carry out the responsibility and priorities of the local union.

Your elected Delegates: attend regional and national councils where the union’s priorities, principles, activities and finances are debated and voted on and where we discuss industry changes, government policies and bargaining strategies.

With a union, you have more rights on the job, are better protected against employer favoritism and discrimination, and are able to negotiate collectively to keep what you have and improve upon working conditions and benefits. 

If you know of any co-workers who would also like to sign a card to show support to join the union, please feel free to send them this email so they can sign a card too. We are always available to talk to anyone who has questions. 

Feel free to share this link with anyone who would like to sign a card- just copy and paste- super easy.

I look forward to sharing more information about Unifor and the campaign at Cottam Diecasting LTD. I look forward to meeting in person soon as it's safe to do so, for now If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me by text, phone or email.

John Biekx

[email protected]