Exciting time for workers

Tricia Brown
/December 19, 2022

What an exciting time for workers at Kirchoff. When workers come together, around a common goal, it is extremely powerful and forming a union always brings certainty and stability to your working conditions.

We always find it disappointing when employers try to convince workers not to join the Union. Kirchoff’s main concern is to avoid you becoming a unionized workplace in which you will have a say in what goes on in your working conditions. They spend all of their time trying to spread fear and mislead workers with untruths and manipulation. This re-enforces to us the reason why you came together to join the Union.

Our goal is always the same, which is to give workers the information they need to make a decision that is best for them, whether they join in our efforts or not. We wanted to include a reminder of some of the common company tricks you will likely hear this week:


Supervisors and company officials will tell you that your workplace may close because of the union. They will tell you that a union is bad for business - anything to make you fear you’ll lose your job if you vote for the union.


TRUTH - It is illegal for the company to close, or even to threaten to close the workplace because the union is voted in. Workplaces close for economic reasons - and the vast majority of those workplaces are non-union. If your company is really in bad financial shape, let them prove it by opening their books.



The company will tell you that the union just wants your money. They may lie about the amount of dues you will pay as a member of Unifor


TRUTH – The improvements in pay, benefits, and fair treatment that you will gain by having a union, are far greater than the cost of dues. Any organization that “works for you” is worth paying for. Union dues are set at 1.35% of your gross monthly income. You do not pay dues when you are off on WSIB, leave of absence, maternity or parental leave, or sick leave. It is important to remember that you don’t pay dues until you negotiate and accept a contract by secret ballot vote. As well, union dues are tax deductible.



The company could tell you that when you negotiate a contract, you’ll lose the wages and benefits you already have. Although it is illegal, the company will insinuate you’ll be bargaining from scratch.

TRUTH- When you negotiate your first contract, you start with the pay and benefits you currently have and build on them. Section 86 of the Labour Relations Act protects that under what’s commonly referred to as the freeze provision. The freeze provision ensures that the employer cannot alter workers’ terms and conditions during this period without your consent. You will decide what to ask for in your contract and then vote on it. Employers cannot take anything away because the employees are exercising their right to join a union.


There is still time to show your support for Unifor by signing a membership card and Text or email to a co-worker to have a greater impact . We’re encouraging anyone who still hasn’t had an opportunity to sign their membership card to do so by clicking the link below: