Kirchhoff Leaflet

Tricia Brown
/August 29, 2022

On behalf of the organizing team at Kirchhoff Automotive, Unifor would like to thank you for your support during our leaflet last week. The response we received was absolutely amazing! Organizers had great conversations with Kirchhoff workers wanting to know how Unifor can help them achieve fairness, respect and dignity in their workplace by joining a union.

Our organizing team has received lots of support and signed cards following our leaflets. The campaign is moving fast and workers are excited about the chance to vote and win Unifor representation at Kirchhoff Automotive.

We are working hard to speak with as many team members as we can. Keep an eye out for a call, text, or email from our organizing team about important updates.

Every day we get the question about when we will get to a vote. We are as excited as you are to get to this important stage and are confident that at this pace, a vote will be held in the very near future.

You have a legal right to organize your workplace into the union and our organizing team is working with many of you every day to get more cards singed. We would love for you to help get us to the vote too. Are you interested in helping with the drive in your department?

Employees have the right to organize their workplace and are protected by law. You have the right to form a union free of intimidation or undue influence. This means you can speak with Unifor organizers on the phone or during a leaflet and ask any questions you may have. You can also speak with co-workers about joining Unifor during break periods, as well as before and after shifts.

Please continue to talk to your co-workers about why you think joining Unifor is the right thing to do. We are eager to ensure Kirchhoff workers are able to make an informed decision.

All union cards are confidential.

If you have already signed – your card is valid for one year.

If not, click the button that will take you to the e-card to sign on any touchscreen device.