Parkview Town Hall

Don’t get left behind. Vote Today!


Today is the day! Today is the day to vote for Unifor and gain a real voice in your workplace. It is your democratic right!


The majority of you have pledged your support for the union over the last few weeks. Today is your chance to make your voice heard. You will make an important decision for yourself and your family where you can move forward with Unifor and have a voice in the workplace, a collective voice! 


Remember: This vote is completely confidential and no one will ever know how you voted. 


Without the union, you will be left with no representation and will have to negotiate alone with the companyThe drivers at Parkview transit deserve to see the next collective agreement.


Vote Yes to keep the Union. Even if you have signed a petition, you can still Vote Yes for Union.


Our Town Hall on Sunday was amazing and we were able to engage in constructive conversations together about what’s possible in the upcoming collective agreement.


It's clear to us that some of the priorities are to make improvements in wages, getting paid for all the work you do, better benefits, more vacation, leave of absence language, PD days, health and safety, better representation, no favoritism, and most importantly, job security. 


We also spent time answering questions about what the plans are of the small group of people who are asking you to leave Unifor. Who will represent you moving forward? What are their plans? Why wouldn't they let you see the next contract? Who will gain from not having a union- Definitely not you!


Workers are smart and understand that the only one that benefits from not having a union is the employer and perhaps the very group who have been so motivated to get rid of the union.


We have received an overwhelming response. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to fix many issues e.g.  Moved you to a busing local, assigned a Unifor staff representative, suspended union dues until you ratify a new collective agreement, committed to pay union reps to work full time over the next few months and improved education & communication and regular meetings – All thanks to your support.


When workers come together as one voice, they only move forward. Keeping a union will bring about increased certainty and stability in these unprecedented times.


The secret confidential vote will be open Today, February 16 at 12:00 pm and will close on Thursday February 18th @ 12:00pm (noon)


The Labour Board will count the ballots on Thursday at 3:00 p.m. and we will get the results to you as soon as possible after that.


We are confident that, Unifor along with the members at Parkview transit will be able to move ahead with electing a bargaining committee and start meetings with the company. We are committed to building a better future together!