Power of the Union

Tricia Brown
/December 19, 2022

When workers join together, they have the power to stand up to management as some of you did in the most recent forum. Working together as a united group, you will win control over your working lives and gain a voice in workplace decisions. Workers realize that only through collectively bargaining, they will have a real voice when negotiating with management.

Some serious concerns

Over the past few months, there have been concerns about your employer's hiring practices. You've shared with us blatant examples of favoritism when reviewing scheduling, job duties, and promotions. We've heard many stories of tenure employees being denied higher positions only to be filled by those who are favored by management. Others have seen their job assignments changed and reassigned.

We've also become aware of your employer's shameful attempt at union avoidance by threatening job loss to new hires if they join the union. This all goes to show why having a Union is so important. It ensures fairness so your employer can't just make arbitrary decisions that only suit their needs.


Kirchhoff management continues to demonstrate their lack of care when it comes to the health and safety of their employees. The amount of accidents continues to grow with few preventative procedures in place. How many more serious accidents have to occur for action to take place? By joining Unifor you will have the protections needed to feel safe on the job in a healthy work environment.


Don't get left behind.


Management is asking for a "second" chance to save investments that are coming in. This is a trick employers use all the time. What happens the majority of the time is that their profits continue to grow and all those promises and better treatment end. Workers eventually get left behind and often in a more precarious situation.


We encourage you not to be intimidated by management’s actions and remind you why you sought the change in your workplace. Bringing the union into any workplace is not an easy task; it will not happen overnight and takes a commitment from many people who want to see real, long-lasting change through the collective voice of workers.


Now is the time to encourage your co-workers to sign a union card.