get the representation you deserve

Get the representation you deserve

Desperate times call for more manipulation by Cottam die-casting.

We always find it disheartening when employers use misinformation and lies to try and convince workers not to join the Union, instead of actually addressing the concerns of their employees.

Cottam Die-casting has spend all their time trying to trick workers with untruths and manipulation. This re-enforces for us, why you called looking for our support from Unifor in the first place.

Our goal is always to talk to workers about our great Union and the endless possibilities workers have when they join together around a common goal, making their workplace work for them. The very thought of all of you standing together has resulted in management resorting to scare tactics.

We have been receiving calls about some of the misinformation that Sherri Holmes, your Human Resource Manager has resorted to spreading and we wanted to address some of this misinformation.


Union Dues: The company has said that union dues will be 75$ a week, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

TRUTH: Union dues are the way workers pool their resources through a regular contribution to ensure the means to defend their collective interests. Union dues help to provide services to Unifor members including legal services, health and safety expertise, bargaining representation, training and education, pension and benefits experts, and much more. The improvements in pay, benefits, and fair treatment that you will gain by having a union, are far greater than the cost of dues.

Union dues are set at 1.35% of your gross monthly income, whether you work part-time or full-time. Tips, bonuses, shift premiums and overtime are not included in this calculation and you do not pay dues when you are off on WSIB, leave of absence, maternity/parental leave, or sick leave.  It is important to remember you will NOT pay dues until a month after you have a collective agreement that you have voted on. As well, union dues are 100% tax deductible.

You will get paid less and your shifts will change: The company has said that if you vote for the union you will get paid less…. They have also said that if you vote yes for the union your shifts will be revoked, this is serious misinformation. In fact, this is against the law!  

TRUTH: The fact is that your pay, benefits and working conditions are protected by law. Section 86 of the Labour Relations Act protects these under what’s commonly referred to as the freeze provision. The freeze provision ensures that the employer cannot alter workers’ terms and conditions during this period without your consent. When you negotiate a first contract, you start with the pay and benefits you currently have and build on them. You will decide what to ask for in your contract and then vote on it. Employers cannot take anything away because employees were exercising their rights

Tuesday you have an opportunity to get the representation you deserve. The company has spent their time using misleading information to persuade you to give them another chance. This is unfortunate; your current inside committee has worked both professionally and tirelessly on your behalf in order to secure a meaningful voice in the workplace.

It is your legal right to join a Union, and this process should always be free from fear and intimidation. We continue to listen and are available for any questions or concerns.  Vote Yes to join Unifor on Tuesday Sept 7th.   


In solidarity,

John Biekx
Member Organizer
Unifor Local 444
[email protected]