Setting the Record Straight at Plasman

Setting The Record Straight

We always find it disappointing when employers try to convince workers not to join the Union instead of actually addressing the concerns of their employees. As predicted, your employer posted a notice in the workplace about the union drive at Plasman Plant #1. They want you to believe that you would be better off without a union, but the reality is you have heard that argument before and here you are again looking to become Unifor members. The employer has failed yet again to understand that this union drive is not done by a third party, but is an effort by the workers at Plasman Plant #1.

Our goal is always the same, which is to give workers the information they need to make a decision that is best for them, whether you join in our efforts or not.

Unifor represents tens of thousands of manufacturing workers just like you, we have a proven track record of negotiating strong collective agreements that ensures respect and fairness and challenges arbitrary decisions by the employer.
Unifor is a member-driven union, meaning your priorities are our priorities.

As most of you will already know, the current actions of management is solely designed to discourage you from supporting the union. Employers never give workers the credit they deserve and workers at Plasman see right through the manipulation and scare tactics. Having a say in your working conditions, wages, benefits is critical but it is also critical to have a say in arbitrary decisions made by the employer. Our members at Plasman in Tilbury know just how important this has been to their workplace.


We wanted to also take an opportunity to set the record straight on some of the messaging that we have no doubt the employer will use to convince you that joining Unifor is not in your best interest.  

You may hear: The union just wants to make money, so they will charge you expensive dues to profit off you.

The facts: Union dues with Unifor are set at 1.35% in other words, $1.35 on every $100 you make of your gross income. You do not pay dues when you are off on WSIB, LOA, parental leave, or sick leave, and dues are tax deductible.

At Unifor you will not pay dues until you ratify your first collective agreement.

For most bargaining units, wages and benefits are a top concern. Once you join Unifor, if that is your priority, it will be ours, as well. Statistically, union members in Canada make up roughly 31% of the workforce. Unionized workers make on average $5.17 more per hour than non-union workers.

You may hear: We don’t think you need a union. If you have a union you will not be able to come to us directly with your problems.

The facts: Despite what your employer tells you we encourage members to try and resolve their issues with management first. If that isn’t possible then you should talk to your union steward.

Remember, your employer would rather have free reign to make decisions on how the workplace operates, plain and simple. Without a collective agreement, their decisions can be arbitrary. Keeping workers divided with individual deals is a way to keep the power in the hands of management. The importance of having a union is having a legitimate voice when it comes to how the workplace runs. We believe that you know best how to improve the working conditions, and that you are entitled to be heard at the bargaining table.

Once we certify, Unifor is your union. We are a member-driven organization, we train our members to negotiate collective agreements, ensure health and safety and represent workers in the day-to-day employer-employee relations. Any attempts by management to paint the union as outsiders are simply false.

You may hear: Seniority hurts workers and takes away your right to get extra work or displaces you from what you are currently doing.
The facts: Seniority is very important language in any collective agreement. It is a system that ensures that employers cannot make arbitrary decisions about who and who doesn’t get work. It is the counter to favouritism.  Seniority is in NO WAY meant to hurt the people at the bottom or take away work that is currently being performed by any particular person.

You may hear: Unifor is making unrealistic promises

The facts: Unifor backs up everything we say by putting it in writing. Unifor can and will promise that by joining Unifor you will get the opportunity to sit down with Plasman and actually negotiate a better deal. We also do not agree that achieving a fair collective agreement should take a long time and we’ll ensure you’re equipped to negotiate a strong, legally-binding collective agreement with your employer. As well with Unifor you do not begin paying dues until you ratify your first collective agreement. We believe very strongly that what you get in your first agreement always outweighs what you will ever pay in dues.

Collective agreements will be negotiated by workers with the support from your local and national Unifor representatives. Unions have been successful in negotiating better wages, benefits, job security language, health and safety language, grievance language and so much more for thousands of workers right across the country.

It’s time for Plasman workers to get a better deal!!! It’s time for change; it’s time for representation that you deserve! 

We want to be perfectly clear in saying that you have rights!! If there comes a time where you feel that your rights have been violated, or if you have any questions about Unifor and the organizing process please contact a member of your Organizing team.

We hope this answers some of your outstanding questions. Unifor values workers, and helping you achieve better is our only goal.

We’ve included several links below to provide you helpful information on Unifor and the organizing process. We want you to be equipped with all the tools so you can make an informed decision.

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Unifor is Canada's largest private sector union, with more than 315,000 members across the country, working in every major sector of the Canadian economy including 88,500 in manufacturing.

Please contact one of the Organizers at Unifor if you have any questions about the campaign.

In Solidarity,

John Biekx

[email protected]


Tracey Ramsey

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