The Time is Now

Over the last 5 months one thing has become clear, Team Members at Toyota want a union. Thousands of membership cards have been signed and more and more TMs engage in the campaign everyday.

The past month has been an incredible success for Unifor Organizers and Toyota Team Members alike. Unifor organizers were hard at work going door-to-door having incredible conversations about what is possible with a legally binding collective agreement. Many of our conversations have been with TMs that have been at Toyota for years and have been advocating for Unifor for years. One of the more common questions we have been asked is if we are here to stay, and the answer is simple…yes.

In fact, this last number of months feels different then in the past and Team Members are ready.

  • Ready for a change;
  • Ready for a collective agreement;
  • Ready for the end of favouritism;
  • Ready to fix the issues around contract workers;
  • Ready for health and safety to be the priority;
  • Ready to address arbitrary decisions made by the employer.

Being part of Unifor isn’t about sticking it to Toyota. What it is about is all of you being able to more fully engage in the day to day work you do. Its about having a voice in your workplace, and about standing together during the best of times and the worst of times.

Your Unifor organizing team has been reaching out by phone, email, and text, along with hosting virtual meetings and running ads on social media for over a year. We’ve also made it easier than ever to join with an online card signing system. We did all of this as we navigated through what seems to be a new normal and in-person gatherings have been met with challenges stemming from restrictions due to the pandemic.

The fact is, support is surging and momentum is on our side despite that we have just started being able to meet with TMs in person.

It is time that those who have been waiting to see "what happens", or "is Unifor is here to stay", join the thousands of Team Members who have already signed their union cards so that we can get to the ultimate goal of getting to a certification vote that leads to workers at Toyota finally having a real say in their workplace. Help keep the campaign’s momentum going by signing your electronic card today.

As always, Unifor organizers are here to answer all of your questions about the priorities that matter to you.

Together, we can make Toyota a better workplace for all.


Please feel free to reach out to your Unifor organizers at any time:          

Cambridge North – Justin Minello, [email protected], (905) 464-7275

Cambridge South – Hassan Mirza, [email protected], (647) 892-2341

Woodstock – Todd Riverso, [email protected], (647) 883-8662