Unfair Policies at Kirchhoff

Tricia Brown
/July 21, 2022


Have you or your co-workers been affected by Kirchhoff Automotive’s unfair policies around “breaks” and “temperature in plant”? We want to hear from you.

Workers at Kirchhoff Automotive have told us loud and clear they want change on the issues that matter to them most, such as:

-Unfair scheduling practices and not enough breaks

-Unreasonable heavy workloads and temperature in the plant


-No consultation on important decisions or adequate representation when dealing with management

-Health and safety concerns

The best way to ensure that the employer acts in a reasonable and responsible way is to negotiate a strong legally binding collective agreement.

The first step is to sign your union card. You can now do so confidentially online at:

Text or email this link to a co-worker to have a greater impact and to double the number of cards that are signed. Let’s keep the momentum going to ensure that workers at Kirchhoff have a safe, fair and respectful workplace.