Unifor the Union for Children First Workers

Welcome to the Unifor organizing campaign for Children First workers. We can't wait to have you united with 315,000 workers from every major sector of the economy.

With Unifor you will be joining one of the largest unions in Canada, representing thousands of workers in the Not for Profit sector. We have earned the respect of workers throughout Canada by having the best track record when it comes to negotiating collective agreements on behalf of workers. A union for the workers by the workers.

Many of you have waited a long time to gain representation from a union like Unifor and you have the opportunity now. The first step is filling out memberships cards. If you support having Unifor as your Union we are asking each of you to sign up and complete your electronic membership card.




Contact your Children First Unifor Organizers for more information:

Samia Hashi

[email protected]



Tracey Ramsey

[email protected]