Unifor Update – Upcoming Meetings!

Thanks for connecting with Unifor!

Over the coming weeks, we will be connecting with you and your co-workers at GardaWorld YYC about the switching your representation from the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) to Unifor.

With Unifor, you will be joining one of the largest unions in Canada, with 315,000 members in every sector of the economy. Unifor represents front line airport workers in multiple job categories including security officers, customer service representatives, terminal employees and baggage service agents in YYC and YYZ. We currently represent 16,000 members in the air transportation sector and 1,000 security officers in multiple industries across the country, including:

  • Air Canada
  • Garda
  • Calgary Airport Terminal
  • WestJet
  • Canadian North
  • Securitas
  • Nav Canada

We have earned the respect of air transportation workers throughout Canada by having the best track record when it comes to negotiating collective agreements on behalf of workers. We are uniquely positioned to represent you and your colleagues as pre-boarding screening officers at YYC.

Challenges with CLAC representation

We have heard from many of your co-workers about the challenges they have face with their representation by CLAC. The reality is, much of this has to do with CLAC’s business approach and one-size-fits-all attitude. With CLAC, you have minimal options, particularly when it comes to pension and benefits. As a small union in the aviation sector, they are not in a position to get you and your family the best deal.

With Unifor, you will have access to a Pension and Benefits department that works with you to ensure we meet your expectations for retirement security and benefits. This access means you will not be shoehorned into a single plan or program. Unifor is able to offer multiple options on pensions, including defined benefit, defined contribution and hybrid plans for the membership to democratically select for the workplace. With benefits, we will insist on maintaining your current coverage while working to improve that coverage.

We are also already present in your airport with experienced representatives that will be there to assist you and your co-workers. The airline industry is not a new frontier to Unifor – we have successfully represented aviation workers and we have a tested record that you can trust to represent you.

Drop-in Meetings

In order to get to know you better and answer any questions you may have, we are hosting drop-in meetings next week. Unifor representatives will be present throughout, including our Director of Pension and Benefits. Feel free to drop-in at any point. If you cannot make the drop in, you can always reach out at the contact below for a confidential conversation. We will also be arranging online video presentations, so stay tuned for more information on those.

Unifor/GardaWorld Drop-in Meetings

Calgary Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel – Stratus A Room (Mezzanine Level)

Monday December 6 – 0800-2000 (8am-8pm)

Tuesday December 7 – 0800-2000 (8am-8pm)

Wednesday December 8 – 0800-2000 (8am-8pm)

Thursday December 9 – 0800-2000 (8am-8pm)

Friday December 10 – 0800-1400 (8am-2pm)


Note: the Marriott requires proof of double vaccination to attend meetings in the hotel. If a worker does not meet these requirements or prefers to meet at another time, a Unifor organizer will safely arrange to meet them at another location.


Next Steps

If you have not already done so, you can sign your electronic union card below. Signing a union card is an important step towards showing support for Unifor in your workplace. All union cards are confidential. From any touchscreen device, you will be able to sign your card and pay a $5 dollar fee. The fee is a requirement of the federal labour board, not of Unifor. Once completed, you’ll be asked to verify your email address, then the completed card will be sent to your inbox!

Sign a union card here

If you have signed, you can encourage you co-workers to sign by sharing the link below. To help a co-worker sign a union card, share this link: https://join.unifor.org/gardacard

If they are not prepared to sign just yet, they can sign up to receive more information through our GardaWorld webpage below. To help a co-worker get more information share this link: https://join.unifor.org/gardaworld

We look forward to connecting soon,

Bruce Fafard, Unifor National Representative

[email protected] // 587-341-0945


Justin Gniposky, Unifor National Representative

[email protected] // 416-275-6389