Unifor Bargaining Committee Election Candidates Atlantic Packaging

Bargaining Committee Elections

I would like to thank those who have put their name forward or been nominated by a coworker for the Unifor Bargaining Committee election.

There has been tremendous interest from the membership to be active in the union and I am pleased to announce the list of candidates. All candidates have been invited to submit a message to go along with their name.

Your list of candidates are:

Bola Akinifesi
I would like your support to be a member of the bargaining committee; However, I have never participated in bargaining rights, but I have worked under unions for about 20 years. I believe I have the connection and trust of my co-workers to play a supporting role that will assist the bargaining committee.

Norman Antonio
For the last eight years, I have served everyone without prejudice and in a way that was transparent, honest and open-minded. Unifor recently told me that I had been nominated to be part of the bargaining committee of Atlantic Packaging. I have experience being a union representative for over 20 years and have been part of 2 bargaining committees in my past work experiences.

In the eight years that I have served as the union representative at Atlantic, one of my proudest accomplishment happened at the start of COVID-19. I asked the President of Atlantic to consider an incentive for workers due to the risk we put on our lives and our families. This resulted in our Brampton plant and the rest of the company receiving an employer's incentive.

This hopefully shows that I am willing to take risks, risk my name and my job for the staff's sake and best interest. If I were to become a member of this bargaining committee, I can not make any promises, but I will do my best to make sure our team receives a contract that works in the employees' interest. Remember what one of our members said, "PLEASE TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY", for this is our livelihood and our future. It's up to you, the members, if you want someone in the bargaining committee that will represent you with experience and honesty.

I thank you for your consideration.

Jensen Barcelona
Thank you for nominating me to be part of the negotiating committees on behalf of every member. I look forward to our future and am grateful for your support.

Mohamed Hassan
I accept my peers' nomination to be a part of the bargaining committee representing the unionized workers at Atlantic Packaging, Brampton location. I have prior experience working as a union steward and have been part of bargaining committees in my previous work experiences. I am also an experienced and long-serving worker at Atlantic Packaging and want to work to ensure that the employees are well represented and that their voices are heard

Rakesh Kumar
The momentum we created should not stop now. Please vote to see a better Atlantic. I will make sure your voices are heard

Junior Lane

Roland Lucas
I'm passionate to have a fair and steadfast process, I've heard concerns of my fellow brother's and sisters at work, and they have put their trust in me to get the job done and hopefully have a great relationship with Atlantic pkg. Let's make this a great place to work together

Cahill Nosworthy

Joe O'Brien

George Pato

Kristina Picard

Amar Singh

Andre Vergara


Voting Details and Instructions

Elections for your bargaining committee will begin on Friday, February 26, 2021, at 6:00 am and close on Sunday, February 28, 2021, at 2:00 pm.

You will vote by secret ballot online vote and select three candidates from the nominated candidate's list. The three candidates receiving the most votes will form your bargaining committee, with the candidate finishing with the fourth most votes will fill the alternate role.

The electronic vote is conducted through a secure provider, Simply Voting.

Voter information will be sent after nominations have closed.

Billy O’Neill
Unifor National Representative Organizing
[email protected]


Billy O’Neill
Unifor National Representative Organizing
[email protected]