Who do you trust?

Who do you trust?

Over the last month, we have spoken to many GardaWorld workers on the phone or in-person at the airport. Collectively, we have discussed and had conversations about representation, wages, benefits, pensions and many other items. 

Almost everyone we have talked to is unhappy with CLAC’s inability to challenge management and uphold the terms of your collective agreement. The constant ducking of responsibility to represent you as members and its business approach to labour relations often has CLAC singing the same tune as management at GardaWorld. We believe CLAC’s representation speaks for itself.​

We will be better representatives, we will fight on your behalf and we will bargain improvements in your collective agreement – including benefits – while not going backwards.

We are bigger, stronger and better. We do things differently, which is why we have the respect and trust of 315,000 members across the country as Canada’s largest private sector union. We are driven by our membership and the democratic processes that guides our union. This means you come first and have a say in the direction your union goes, including all aspects of your collective agreement. 

You heard from Unifor members at GardaWorld YQR, Air Canada YYC and WestJet YYC. All of these workplaces and workers trust Unifor to look out for their best interest and put their priorities first.

The real question is: Who do you trust to fight on your behalf and win? Unifor or CLAC?

Unifor will move you forward and protect your collective agreement and rights. We’re not here for GardaWorld, CATSA or anyone other than you and your co-workers. Join us and we’ll be in your corner.

Next Steps

If you have not already done so, you can sign your electronic union card below. Signing a union card is an important step towards showing support for Unifor in your workplace. All union cards are confidential. From any touchscreen device, you will be able to sign your card and pay a $5 dollar fee. The fee is a requirement of the federal labour board, not of Unifor. Once completed, you’ll be asked to verify your email address, this step will finalize your union card.

Sign a union card here

If you have signed, you can encourage you co-workers to sign by sharing the link below.

To help a co-worker sign a union card, share this link: https://join.unifor.org/gardacard

We look forward to connecting soon.

Bruce Fafard //Unifor National Representative // [email protected] // 587-341-0945

Justin Gniposky // Unifor National Representative // [email protected] // 416-275-6389

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