Work Shortage Toyota

Spending time with family and friends, relaxing, taking day trips, getting outdoors and making memories, that is what vacation time should be.   

Vacation time should not be a bank of hours that workers have to randomly access, due to a temporary work shortage, in order to ensure their own financial security.  Workers should not be subsidizing Toyota, a profitable multi-billion dollar corporation, with our earned time off. 

Workers in the Detroit Three plants have negotiated Short Work Week (SWW) which is a wage subsidy, provided by the company, so that vacation days do not have to be used.  SWW provides workers approximately 85% of their net daily wage for work days that are canceled by the company due to unexpected events like inclement weather, parts shortages or mechanical breakdowns.  

Use this link to sign your union card so that Toyota workers can collectively bargain to address policies around canceled work and financial security.

Text or email to a co-worker to have a greater impact and double the number of cards that are signed.  Let’s keep the momentum going to ensure that workers at Toyota have a safe, fair and respectful workplace.